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Thread: Awareness: help with graphics & media

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    Lightbulb Awareness: help with graphics & media

    Hi everyone, I'd just like to put it out there that if anyone is setting up a lupus event, creating posters or any other kind of awareness media and needs help with simple graphics or logos...feel free to message me. If it's for a good cause (not-for-profit stuff) I'm willing to donate some time/effort to help out. I'm an arts/design student and I'm pretty good at most things graphic, web or digital. Since I am working and going to school, any projects I take on would have to be somewhat small and time permitting around my school/work, but I'd love to help.

    PS. I'm down for the count this week but if you have something you're working on and are struggling with graphics, shoot me a message next week and I'll see if I can contribute
    I am also experienced with web/CSS but those projects tend to be a lot bigger...but I thought I'd throw it in there anyway
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    i do not need anything but i wanted to thank you.

    it is good of you to offer this help.


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