I absolutely love my new job! I'm the office manager for a non profit organization doing great things to help make the world a better place. But the florescent lights are doing me in. I sit under a 4 ft. long florescent light most of the day and in front of a computer screen. All the lights in the building are florescent which is the way of life now days. I wear long sleeves. I wear sunscreen. I need to get a filter for the computer and the light I spend most of my days under. I also know the company should pay for it. I'm too "chicken" to ask. I can afford to pay for the filters out of my own pocket then take them with me if and when I leave or donate them to the company. The filters for the lights and computer can be had for less than $100. It's just getting the wits about me to present the information to the boss and ask for them. I just started a couple weeks ago. Oddly enough it is a company that works with disabilities so the boss of all people will be most understanding. Just too "chicken" to bring it up. So I go home most nights with a headache, always exhausted and my face feeling like it is on fire. I'm jeopardizing my health because of my inability to ask for something I have every right to. Shame on me. At home all the bulbs are LED. This summer my husband is putting UV filters on all the windows. Bless his heart! Home will truly be a haven. However, I spend most of my waking hours at the office. I must gather up the courage. The company is sending me for training for a week in March. Perhaps by the time I get back I'll have the courage. Wish me luck