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    Unhappy Stomach Issues?

    Pretty worried about my mom right now, she's been having issues with her stomach after eating. She isn't able to eat any more than a palm-full or two at any time and is having fairly severe stomach pains. She says it feels like she "has a football" in her stomach, or a knot/lump that wont clear. Antacids or other stomach remedies don't seem to help at all. She has set up an appointment to get to scoped, but has almost quit eating because of the pain. Sometimes lying down after a small bit of food helps ease the discomfort.

    Are stomach issues like this common?

    *forgot to mention it is accompanied by nausea, sometime off and on all day
    Her uncle had some sort of stomach/bowel cancer and her dad passed away from MS, so it's got us all pretty scared.

    In the past she has spent so much time around people that were unsupportive it's hard for her to remember that it's okay to talk and ask for support, and once she does she feels better...just wish I could make it easier for her.
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