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Thread: Does anyone feel BETTER in the sun?

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    Question Does anyone feel BETTER in the sun?

    I know sun is supposed to make Lupus symptoms worse, but I seem to have the opposite reaction - just wondering if anybody else is like this, or if maybe my diagnosis might be off?

    I certainly have all the blood markers for Lupus, and Sjogren's, and i have Raynaud's and APS....and plenty of symptoms (fatigue, joint aches, some neurological symptoms, blood clots, dry mouth, weird reactions to drugs, low-grade fevers, night sweats, migraines, inability to regulate body temp, etc etc etc...)

    I have always gotten a heat/sun rash, especially on my neck and chest - like a really fine, EXTREMELY itchy rash - but it is worse in humidity, and I tend to only get it if I have been in a LOT of direct sun - like enough to burn badly.

    Normally, I seem to have MORE energy and FEWER aches when it's sunny and I get out in it. Sometimes I will get kinda sleepy from the sun, but it's like a really relaxed, nice sleepy - and then I feel great. I know some of it is probably psychological, but I guess I am also wondering if some of us just don't have the sun sensitivity as part of our profile of symptoms, or maybe I was misdiagnosed? I dunno.

    Thanks for any feedback....

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    i still enjoy a little sun.
    but i go from no problems to second degree burns really quickly.

    i do prefer 24 to 27 degrees celcius.
    i hate cold damp winters, it hurts my body so much.

    my advice is be careful.....
    a little sun is good (in your case)...
    but do not over do it.

    it is another case of everyone is different.
    please find your tolerance level carefully.

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    I also feel better when it is sunny and warmer, both physically and mentally. It rains here around Vancouver A LOT, and that adds to my depression. So when the sun comes out, it literally can lift my spirits.
    The constant wet really hurts me, and in the winter here it is a wet+cold and that also hurts me, but if its a dry cold, I do much better.
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    Well I think you do feel better with a little sun, because the sun gives your body the vitamin D, it needs to feel better.
    I can't be in the sun for long, even though I don't get a rash, but I feel real bad after being in the sun, I get joint pains, muscle pains and an upset stomach.

    I may have been dealt a bad hand, but at least I'm still playing with a full deck. ( most of the time anyway).

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    I def. know what you are talking about! I started noticing my rash while at the lakes here in Texas about two summers ago. But I think I was too busy enjoying lake fun to let anything esle slow me down.. So who knows! Like you, I only get my sun rash when I've spent most the day in the sun and ususally on the water (lake, beach, etc.) But I think being in my vacation type persona I don't notice extreme symtoms.

    BUT, as far as being in my office and the fluorescent lighing.. I feel terrible everyday and I get a rash everywhere the light hits. If I'm at my computer desk and not my normal desk, the light will only hit one side of my face.. And then I only get the rash on that side. But the fluorescent light rash I get from steady exposure all week at the office is much more milder then the actual sun rash.. Although my symptoms are worse with the indoor lighting. How weird?

    Oh and anyone every tan in the tanning bed? I haven't very recently (when I started to notice my rash from the offfice lighting) but I've never gotten a rash from the tanning bed. I sort of want to go try and see now what will happen.
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    If all I got was the rash I can promise I would still go in the sun. The UV rays make my entire disease go into overdrive and I get really sick. I tried going to a water park this past summer, covered from head to toe and I still became deathly ill. I need the sun but basically I am allergic to it.

    Hats off to those of you that can be out in it

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