Hi I'm new to this site and undiagnosed. I need advice for a dr appt tomorrow. I have been I'll for many years but with periods of symptoms and periods of feeling well. I have exhaustion, joint pains, and migraines. In 2009 I had a severe flare that lasted the entire year. I was diagnosed with fibro and depression after a neg ANA and put on an antidepressant and meds for migraines. These didn't help much. I got significantly better after I finally requested a trial of prednisone. I quit searching at that time because i was feeling better I'm going to the dr tomorrow because I'm going thru a bad flare again. I had tried going back on an antidepressant to no avail. I'm having joint pains, migraines, fevers, fatigue, and weight loss again. I have noticed a purplish lacy pattern on my legs and arms that is worse when Im cold, and red palms. I also get an itchy red rash on my chest when I'm in the sun that I have always attributed to sunscreen.

I can't see a rheumy here because they won't accept patients without a positive ANA. Any suggestions? I'm sorry this is long!