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    Default Hi new and need advice

    Hi I'm new to this site and undiagnosed. I need advice for a dr appt tomorrow. I have been I'll for many years but with periods of symptoms and periods of feeling well. I have exhaustion, joint pains, and migraines. In 2009 I had a severe flare that lasted the entire year. I was diagnosed with fibro and depression after a neg ANA and put on an antidepressant and meds for migraines. These didn't help much. I got significantly better after I finally requested a trial of prednisone. I quit searching at that time because i was feeling better I'm going to the dr tomorrow because I'm going thru a bad flare again. I had tried going back on an antidepressant to no avail. I'm having joint pains, migraines, fevers, fatigue, and weight loss again. I have noticed a purplish lacy pattern on my legs and arms that is worse when Im cold, and red palms. I also get an itchy red rash on my chest when I'm in the sun that I have always attributed to sunscreen.

    I can't see a rheumy here because they won't accept patients without a positive ANA. Any suggestions? I'm sorry this is long!

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    Hi, the best thing you can do is write down all your symptoms, how often they come, how long they last, If you feel your doctor is not doing enough you can always get another one, To get an AI disease diagnosis, sometimes it can take a very long time, but having the right doctor is a plus.

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    yes it is important you write down any symptoms and any questions you want to ask gp, it is your body you need to take control and push until you find the doctor who will listen it is very hard to diagnose and some have still not got diagnoses but it is important not to give up keep fighting for you . we will be here to support you .

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    i agree with both before me.
    writing down your questions.... before you see the doctor.
    once you start talking, you are so focused on what is being said.... you forget your questions.

    all of your symptoms are common to many of the auto immune disorders.....
    so it might be difficult for the doctor to single out exactly what you have.
    it may require quite a bit of testing to rule out some possabilities.

    i am taking depression medication... not becaused i am depressed, but because my brain does not work as it should.
    i need the stability these medications offer.
    for me i require 2 diffent types.
    i am saying this so you know, not all meds suit everyone. if one type does not work properly for you......
    see your doctor about trying a different type.

    i wish you well on the diagnosis.
    i have also got fibro, so i can appreciate some of your problems.

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    I know I am late responding but you were given some great advice. Hope all goes well for you. Please let us know how the visit with the doctor goes

    Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

    ~Winston Churchill~

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