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First let me commend you for finding a way to get off all of the meds. I must, however, point out that having to take drugs, pain pills or any other, is NOT a sign that you are week or less stubborn. Some people have no other option for awhile or may even be on some kind of maintenance program for the rest of their lives. Just as this disease is different for everyone, so are the meds that must be used to control it.
Very true. I am in pain every single day, but what I have done is learn to deal with it and just go through it without the meds. I am more of a putting my mind on something else kind of person to try to block how I feel, instead of relying on medication like my doctors would like me to. Back when I was on Pred I needed it because I had a lot of problems with swelling, and now its a lot less. It's not good on your stomach to take NSAIDS everyday anyway, which they also told me. I do talk about how I feel and what hurts a lot, but I try my best not to make it sound like I am complaining. I'll take the meds when I really need them, but otherwise I press on and choose to fight without as many meds as I can, but if I get sicker then of COURSE I'd get back on, you betcha.