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    I recently had a chest x-ray and it showed lung calcifications. The doc said they had been there a while and didn't seem too much bigger. I asked if it could be from smoking ( I quit almost 20 years ago) and she said it was probably from the lupus. She did not seem too concerned and was rushed so I wasn't too concerned. I have never heard this before. If they have been tracking this why was I not told? I hate that! Anyway, I searched the internet and started getting a bit concerned. Has anybody been told they have this? Any ideas?

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    I am newly diagnosed and still learning a lot. But In June when I was first diagnosed they found several areas lung calcification, but they were two small to biopsy. The doctor said he suspected they were caused either by previous Lupus flares, or previous infections (I have had pneumonia and bronchitis on and off in my life.) He did a lung function test next, and my scores were pretty high, so he said there is nothing to worry about. However, they would keep a closer eye on my lung functions as we deal with each Lupus flare. When I have a flare up, which still happens a lot at this point, I get a very heavy chest, and it can be difficult to get a deep breath. So they also put me on Symbacourt, to help with inflammation. The good news, is he said the small calcification's are not problematic, as they are healed areas so there is no concern of developing cancer or anything like that.

    If they did not do a lung function test, then you might mention in the next time you go in, and just encourage the doctor to slow down and help you kep an eye on it.


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