I am waiting for my first appointment with a rheumatologist. I developed a rash that I thought was ringworm since we had just adopted a kitten but it spread and I finally sought care. Two biopsies and labs are suggestive of lupus. Though the biopsies were pretty inconclusive. In looking and reading about Lupus, I have had symtoms all my life but never severe and never needing treatment until now. Like some posts I have read, I am still hoping that this rash is something else but am trying not to get my hopes up. I go from being certain that it isn't to be certain that it is.

My rash is the most attention-demanding symptom at this point. I have gotten relief from a steroid cream, but am unable to use it on my face and am wondering from those that have experience.....does it clear on its own ever? Many of the early lesions I developed early on my chest and back are nearly gone, but the ones on my face (untreated) continue and new ones seem to be starting.

Thanks for any advice.