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Thread: Blood draw while fighting a virus?

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    Question Blood draw while fighting a virus?

    Please advise...I am due for a regular, every-3-months blood check, but I am (still) recovering from this stupid cold/flu that I can't seem to shake - it gets better for a while and then comes back, or maybe it's another virus altogether, I don't know.

    It's been a rough winter - seems like once a month I am laid up for a few days/a week with the "classic head cold" and some bronchitis that lingers afterward. Nothing serious - just a pain in the rump.

    Anyway - I keep meaning to get in for the blood tests, and then I get sick again! I am partially recovered (again...) but still a bit sniffly and my voice is GONE...coughing a bit, etc, but I can get around.

    Will that affect my blood tests? Should I wait until I am totally over this thing?

    Just wondering - I am new to all this and don't understand all the "maintenance & observation tests".

    I have Lupus, Sjogren's, Raynaud's and APS if that makes any difference.

    Thanks so much....

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    Go take them. It may actually show some of the things your body is going through. If you are really worried you could ask the doc but I can tell you that I would go in a heartbeat

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    my rhuemy agrees with tgal (tgal is a cleaver lady).

    draw your bloods when in a flare.......
    it will show a real picture of your health.

    my rhuemy always asks questions to determine why any reading is abnormal. (up or down)

    he asks me to draw blood 2 weeks before each visit.....
    no matter haw i am feeling.
    that way he gets a true reading of my body, not just a good reading.

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    If my doctor want's to specifically know how active my Lupus is, I am told to wait until the infection is gone as the immune response to the infection will definitely skew your results.

    If they just want a general snapshot of your overall health then it won't make any difference as long as you make them aware of the context in which the bloods were taken (i.e let them know you were sick).

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