I am so disappointed I am in tears. While in the deep valley of a flare is not a good time for me to be hearing this bad news. I have been this route before, was denied twice then hired a lawyer and was approved and was on disability for almost 10 years. When my marriage dissolved, what could I do? I had to go to work or starve, so of course my disability ended when I went back to work. Thank God I had employers that worked with me during my flares, excusing multiple absences, and adjusting my schedules. But working and stress always takes its toll, doesn't it? Now 12 years later I find myself so sick I can hardly get out of bed, but the Soc Sec Admin says I can do SOMETHING to be gainfully employed so I was denied. It's like I am being punished because I went back to work, and though I paid in my SS taxes I cannot draw on them even though I really need to. I am crushed...I don't think I have the strength to go through this again!