I'm up for any suggestion to up the energy I'm doing water aerobics three days a week to try to lose weight in hopes that will give me more energy. I really enjoy it it's a lot of stretching which is great. But on top of that I have three little ones to chase 8, 6, and 14 months. Then I get my niece and nephew three to four nights a week plus a friends daughter in the mornings before school so I'm chasing 3-6 kids. I have tried ginseng but that gives me heart palpitations so I stay way from that. I plain to ask about the red bull because I agree there has to be something better to give me energy. Because being ready for a nap after getting the girls ready for school, loading the dish washer,and doing aload of laundry gets so old. I miss the days when I could get up clean the whole house, including scrub floor before work, But in eight hour then come home and cook dinner and go walking on six hour sleep. Now I don't function with out 10 hours sleep.