Hi all! In Dec I started having trouble with my heart beating hard. That lasted for a few days when I started getting out of breath. I would get out of breath doing anything that involved me walking or even cooking dinner, (no coughing, wheezing, or tight feeling). I am a generally healthy 27 year old, my lupus has been okay since starting plaquenil over a year ago. Finally went to the er. An ekg and blood tests were done, which were all fine, no blood clot or anything. Went to the doc and my peak flow was 230(normal is 480 for my age). I was put on 20mg prednisone and seen a week later, with peak flow better around 350 but not normal . Anyways just went today for pulmonary function tests. Inhalers don't help,we don't think its asthma. I have a big history of the pleurisy like sharp pains in my chest. I have read a bit about it and the only issue that seems to match is the shrinking lung syndrome, but that is pretty rare. The pulmonologist will interpret the pulmonary tests results and send them to my rheumy and pcp.
Has anyone else experienced this?
I will keep updating as I see doctors. I think I will ask for chest x ray and maybe ct scan to check for scarring. Thanks, Mary.