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    Default Doctor-less in Vancouver BC


    For more than 10 years I have been sick with migraine headaches, lethargy and brain fog which have come in larger and longer waves.

    I recently moved to Vancouver, BC from my small hometown on a nearby island. I had come to somewhat of a standstill with my GP and was hoping that when I moved to the city I would find better care.

    One of my other MD practitioners mentioned I should get testing done, that perhaps I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME) or Fybromyalgia but since those are diagnosis of exclusion, I would need extensive testing.

    I have had the worst wave yet since moving, and went to get some tests a few months after my move. One Dr claimed he would test me for everything, and did the most basis panel possible. When things came back flagged, he dismissed the results, ordering nothing more and being ... less than we all hope for anyways. I went to another clinic after my symptoms got worse and found my WBC @ 3300 (3.3) with another couple flags raised (Neutrophils 1.8 and slight Lipemia). I don't know if it is related or not but my GFR is something that has been monitored for the last year as was my low blood pressure. Looking at the flags, then my symptoms and doing research is what lead me to lupus.

    At that point I asked for a ANA test, which the DR was extremely hesitant to perform. He outright said no until I asked what harm it could do. Anyways, I digress- sorry to rant. The ANA came back positive, =>1:640 Speckled (I know because we can check our Labs online, not because I got a call from the office).

    I have many of the symptoms of Lupus and I am exhausted. Right now bed is my best friend and closest confident. I don't have the butterfly face rash or the typical lupus rash, so there is the possibility that something else is at play here. But something is going on and I am wondering if anyone in the Vancouver area can recommend a GP who is still taking new patients and is good. I don't really know anyone here. I can't get a rheumatologist referral without first finding a Doctor to make the recommendation, so any support from those who have some experience would be amazing! It's so refreshing to find others who have gone through this. Reading your stories gives me hope and shifts some of those feelings I have of being so isolated. Thanks for being angels!
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