I have just found this site and thought I would say hello.

I live in the UK and so far have been diagnosed with MCTD, Sjogrens, Raynauds and SLE.

I've had a nightmare recently with overwhelming fatigue which is partly what brought me to this site. I was admitted to A&E (The ER for non brits) on Sunday afternoon by an on-call GP as I went to sleep on Saturday night at 8:30pm and my husband couldn't properly wake me at 4:30pm the following night. I had a massive headache and couldn't stand light. I also had a very low BP (76/48) and a mild temperature 37.7. The GP called an ambulance and I was taken to the local hospital. On arrival they did a CT Scan, a chest X-ray, some blood tests and an ECG. They also gave me some IV Antibiotics and as my blood sugar was 3.6 and I had had no fluids since Saturday they pushed some fluids (Saline) through my IV as well. After a couple of hours of fluids I began to feel more alert and my headache lessened. A Dr came to see me, he told me he was a rheumy specialist well he was very rude. He basically told me that as there was nothing wrong with me as my ESR was within normal range. (Bearing in mind at the time my eyelids were very puffy and I'd just slept for over 24 hours)

I was discharged at 2am and went home (in temps of -6 degrees in my PJ's and dressing gown thank god my hubby had a warm car) So I've been home for two days the headaches gone but I'm still tired. In fact from the last 60 hours I've slept for 49. Feeling a little at my wits end so any suggestions would be great.