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    My name is Katie Greenawalt and I am new to this website.

    I have not been diagnosed with lupus, but I am almost positive that I have it. I have been having symptoms for a while now. I am 18 and have had so many medical issues in the past 2 years that it is hard to keep track. I have been doing research and it seems that every symptom I have matches what a person with lupus goes though. The first symptom I had was issues with my blood. I have had anemia and also a low white blood cell count. The low WBC count was found after I went to the doctor after being tired and extremely run down all the time.

    I went to a hemotologist who couldn't explain why my WBC were so low. Fortunately after my second visit to the hemotologist, my WBCs were back up to normal. While I was there he did so many blood tests, and one was positive, meaning that I could have an autoimmune disease (I forget what test it was). He said not to worry about it because it may never affect me, but now I am not so sure. I am constantly having severe pains in both of my legs. I describe them as growing pains. They get worse during cold weather and after a workout. Sometimes I just want to chop my legs off they get so bad.

    I also am constantly having stomach pains that come and go randomly. Nothing I eat seems to trigger the pain either. I have had severe headaches all my life as well. I have a rash on the inside of my arms on the opposite side of my elbows that comes and goes. It is red and scaly and I have read that people with lupus can get these rashes all over. In addition, my hands and feet are always SO COLD. Even if I am siting inside in a heated house my hand turn really white and freezing. I feel like I need to be wearing gloves all the time.

    And finally, I have struggled with fatigue and depression for so long now that I sometimes feel like I will never be able to live a normal life. I wake up tired even after a full night of sleep. I have hid these problems for so long because I feel like I am some crazy hypochondriac. My mom doesn't take me seriously when I mention some of my symptoms to her. The only person who I can confide in is my boyfriend. He wants me to go to the doctor so bad because he sees what I go through everyday. If it wasn't for his support in me I wouldn't be able to make it through the day.

    I am in my freshman year in college and I find it so difficult to manage my symptoms and focus on school. I just want answers, but I don't know what to do because I can't get through to my mom. My boyfriend has offered to go with me to the doctors, but i feel weird going without my mom. Sorry this is so long, but I would appreciate any advice possible from the people who know lupus better than me.

    Thank you.
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