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Thread: How To Get Banned From WHL

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    Exclamation How To Get Banned From WHL

    Dear WHL Family;
    There are several ways that you can get banned from WHL and they are listed in the board rules. However, I wanted to discuss one way that will ensure a permanent ban from this site:
    If you submit a post that, in any way, intimates that you have found, are the recipient of, know of, have possession of, a CURE for Lupus that does not include regular supervision by a medical doctor or the continuation of medical treatment and prescribed medication, then you will be immediately banned, for life, from WHL!
    If you submit a post, making the above claims, and asking members to contact you, via your e-mail, so that you can peddle your supposed cure, you will be immediately banned, for life, from WHL.
    If you berate, demean, or otherwise belittle a member of WHL who gives you a warning, who exposes your intent, or who requests that you discontinue or modify your approach, you will be immediately banned, for life, from WHL!

    Now, let me explain my reasons:
    WHL is a support group where we provide comfort, support, understanding, research, answers, and acceptance for anyone suffering from an auto-immune disorder.
    This can be a very frightening disease which can, in its worst forms, still be fatal. It is a chronic disease, meaning that we may have some form of it for the remainder of our lives.
    As such, many of us suffer greatly due to this disease and we often reach a point where we simply want our lives back, we want the disease to go away, and we want to be healthy again. In our efforts to do this, we are often willing to try almost anything that promises that it will accomplish this for us. Knowing of this possible desperation, there are those who claim that they know of a cure, that they've been cured, that their sister, cousin, mother, brother..whatever, has been cured. They also go so far as to claim that our current medications are poisoning us, that our doctors are liars and are only after our money, and that we (ourselves) want this disease because we are unwilling to try their proposed cures. These people are (as Rob so eloquently described them) 'Snake Oil Salesmen' and 'Charlatans'. People who prey upon the desperation of ill people in order to make money.
    My daughter, who lost her life to Lupus, in her desperation while away at college, stopped taking her medications and tried one of these proposed cures. As a result, she suffered irreparable damage to her heart (which was being protected by the Prednisone that she abruptly stopped taking in order to try the remedy suggested by one of these Snake Oil Salesmen). A short time later, she lost her life when the damage to her heart caused her heart to just stop functioning entirely!
    So, I am personally and vehemently against any of these people being allowed on WHL. I will not allow them to prey upon any family member here. WHL is here to offer protection and to be a safe place for each member. As such, Rob, Tgal, and I have formed a wall around each of you to shield you and to protect you from persons who do not comply with the founding principles of WHL!
    Thank You All for all that you do in support of one another!

    Peace and Blessings
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