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This week I lost this battle.
No you haven't. You must have won the battle, else you wouldn't have even considered the pain meds bearing in mind your past.

You know what you're doing and you need to believe that you are in control. The minute you tell yourself that you aren't in control, well thats when you lose...you lose to the lupus and you lose to the meds.

I can relate to the feeling though. For example, I repeatedly hate myself for having to take meds for Bipolar Disorder. Hey, it's my mind, why can't I sort it out myself? Who would be so stupid as to have to take medication for a "mood disorder." Surely I just need to cheer the feck up and chill the feck out in equal measure, like everyone else manages to do Etc etc.

But taking the meds is me taking control...I will not let it ruin my life. That would be letting it win.

Much love xx