I am a college aged male and I started getting these blister like bumps towards the ends of my fingers ranging in size from a sesame seed to a pea in diameter. They don't throb, but they sting when irritated/rubbed/etc. They would always start small, and then flare up when I aggravated them via something like opening a bottle of water.

Prednisone and Naproxen did very little if anything to reduce the swelling when I was first diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis 14 months ago.

I then went to a second doctor who diagnosed Cutaneous Lupus with the help of a skin biopsy of one of the lumps. (Blood tests all normal) She noticed I had really cold hands so she put me on 30mg of Nifedipine to dilate blood vessels and improve circulation. The problem persisted even through the summer and I then went to 60 mg this winter. The only difference I feel is that I get dizzier when I drink. No warmer hands, very little improvement in reducing blister frequency (if any). I was also told countless times I could get a butterfly rash but still have yet to experience it.

Should I request another medication? Or should I even question the second rheumatoligist/dermatologists diagnoses of cutaneous lupus?