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Thread: please dont judge me i am just curious and i plan on talking with my dr about this

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    Also it's worth pointing out that marijuana is not a homogenous substance.

    There are different varieties which contain different proportions of THC and the other active substances, therefore giving different effects.

    Marijuana has changed dramatically in the past 40-odd years, the stuff the hippies were smoking is very weak compared to the stuff today. In particular, anything grown hydroponically is going to be super-strong.

    It depends on how your body handles it as to what effects you will have. We all have different liver enzymes, receptors in our brains etc.

    So everyone will have a different response to it, and there is no guarantee that the response you get from one batch will be repeated with the next batch. (unless you have a dealer and grower who really know their stuff). Also, tolerance builds up quickly, so your response to the same substance will be changing.

    One of the arguments for legalising Marijuana is that then it could be grown to standard specifications, you could be confident in how much 'dose' you are getting in every ounce, and research into which strain is best for which affliction would be easier. At the moment it's just guesstimation.
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    You do not want to just fry this up cause if you over heat the cannabis you will kill all the cannabinoids in the cannabis. You want to use a slow saute'. Also you can't just eat the cannabis it has to be heated in order to activate the cannabinoids so that the cannabinoid receptors in our brains are triggerded by it. Ganja fettacini, you crack me up Rob:~}
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    I have had some *cough* experience in this area....

    If you are after marijuana for therapeutic use, don't smoke it. Not only do you get all the lung damage (worse than smoking), you get a short sharp high, with some medical relief. That's because the THC (most active ingredient) goes straight through the lungs into the bloodstream, but doesn't last long.

    You need to EAT marijuana to get the slow, steady pain relief without blurring your mind. Slowly digesting the THC and having your liver process it changes it's effects.

    However marijuana is yucky and twiggy, unless you can afford resin. The best way to deal with this is to get the THC out of the organic matter. THC is fat soluble, so it's easy to put into butter or oil.

    You can mash the weed and then slowly panfry it in butter, strain the butter and you'll be left with greenish butter you can bake and cook with. I know some people extract it into peanut butter.

    Or add weed to some high-quality olive oil, put it in the bottom of a wardrobe for a month, shaking every few days. The THC will slowly leak out into the oil. Salad dressing, anyone?

    Also this means you won't have bundles of green stuff lying around to raise the suspicious of nosey neighbours. Baking freezes very well......
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