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Thread: Which Doctor When?

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    Question Which Doctor When?

    Advice appreciated...I guess I'm kinda used to a lot of the symptoms over the years, but since my diagnosis is still fairly new, I am not quite sure how to handle my own medical care.

    I have a Rheum and my GP...when do I go to each one? I mean, some things are obvious - things that are clearly Lupus-related go to my Rheum, injuries/yearly physical/"oil change" (i.e., "female stuff") to my GP, etc....but I am not sure how to handle the in-between stuff.

    Seems like everything can be Lupus-related, but I am never sure when to go in, when not to, or who to see first!

    Add to that the fact that I HATE to go to the doctor's, and I know I am probably neglecting stuff I shouldn't. My tendency is to live with stuff until it goes away (or falls off, LOL...), but I know that's not really wise when your body is attacking your own body from the inside out.

    Like, if I have bronchitis that isn't going away in a reasonable amount of time, do I go to the GP or the Rheum?
    What about a weird skin spot or a rash?
    A recurring ache or pain in a particular spot (not generalized joint pain that's clearly Lupus-y)?

    Argh. This stuff is COMPLICATED!!!!

    Thanks for any wisdom you can share......

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    I am lucky in as much as my GP and Ruhemy are located in the same building and are afiliated with the same medical net work,and through the marvels of modern computers they share info immediatly .So in theory they are both aware of what each other is doing for me.

    My experience with my ruhemy is that he is not concerned with or interested in anything that is not directly related to lupus.
    My GP however sees that lupus affects or contributes to all aspects of my medical care and will concern himself with whatever I need.

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    I can't help you at all. I used to have a pair of docs like n.mac has. They are friends, both extremely smart and thorough docs, and they had no problems communicating with each other and with me. Now that we've moved, I have a PCP who thinks that I'm a hypochondriac and a rheumy who never has more than 5 mins. for me. They each like to toss me to the other one, so that they don't have to deal with me, I suspect.
    Like you, I just tend to avoid dealing with any of it, as long as the rheumy keeps up my prescriptions. I figure that I'll get a super-duper check-up from both of my docs when we move back to San Antonio.

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    what i have done......
    my gp is my primary care giver.
    he is also my doctor who all the other doctors have to report to.

    if i have a health issue that effects me now......
    i see my gp first.
    he is happy to be my first contact.
    he is happy to be my medical co ordinator.

    my suggestion is talk to your gp.
    see if he is happy to take this supportive role for you.
    gp are usually easier to get to see
    and cheaper.

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