Advice appreciated...I guess I'm kinda used to a lot of the symptoms over the years, but since my diagnosis is still fairly new, I am not quite sure how to handle my own medical care.

I have a Rheum and my GP...when do I go to each one? I mean, some things are obvious - things that are clearly Lupus-related go to my Rheum, injuries/yearly physical/"oil change" (i.e., "female stuff") to my GP, etc....but I am not sure how to handle the in-between stuff.

Seems like everything can be Lupus-related, but I am never sure when to go in, when not to, or who to see first!

Add to that the fact that I HATE to go to the doctor's, and I know I am probably neglecting stuff I shouldn't. My tendency is to live with stuff until it goes away (or falls off, LOL...), but I know that's not really wise when your body is attacking your own body from the inside out.

Like, if I have bronchitis that isn't going away in a reasonable amount of time, do I go to the GP or the Rheum?
What about a weird skin spot or a rash?
A recurring ache or pain in a particular spot (not generalized joint pain that's clearly Lupus-y)?

Argh. This stuff is COMPLICATED!!!!

Thanks for any wisdom you can share......