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Thread: unsupportive husband

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    Hi my name is Lea
    I was diagnosed 8/8/11 the problem with it was my husband was just like yours but it was so bad that we separated over it which was the best thing that happen to us. My husband of 17 years couldn't understand. The great thing about it was that after 3 months of separated we have decided to get back together and you may say that is crazy. In my case it is great. My husband went on a journey and that included finding out everything he could about lupus so that he could understand this and because of it he is working hard to make things up to me. We have not moved back in together at this point because our house is foreclosure and he is working on our new house. But yes for many years of not knowing what was wrong I was told I was lazy, and that my husband didn't understand why I was going to be so early. I worked for a long time don't anymore, but anyway I can understand truly what it is like. I feel for you and hope that it works out. He needs to understand that you don't need the stress, that was my problem I suffered a lot of stress not anymore. My husband has seen to it that I try to stay stress free.
    maybe one day he will come to light and realize that you need him to understand. I don't suggest putting him to the curb I was just lucky, but 17 years is a lot time and I couldn't give up, and don't you.

    Let us know how things go will pray that they work out.
    Take care
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    I wonder if it's just that your husband is scared and doesn't know how to express that. I just found out I have SLE last Monday, and of course I told my husband of 20 years that very night. He proceeded to have bad dreams 2 nights in a row with shouting out in his sleep. I think he is scared and a lot of men just don't know how to express that while still appearing to be masculine and strong. I wish you the best of luck; maybe he just needs some time to get his head wrapped around this and face his fears of losing you.

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