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Thread: Board Rules - Please Read

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    Exclamation Board Rules - Please Read


    1) No soliciting money. Exception: Forums specifically labeled for selling products.

    2) No spam, trolling or flaming.

    3) No posting of pictures that might be considered offensive to general members. This includes pornography and nudity, photos of death and pics of a militant or demeaning nature that is offensive to members.

    4) Respect your fellow members. No personal attacks or demeaning language.

    5) No foul language. Exception: This board may have some "no censorhip" forums which try as best as possible to allow uncensored speech.

    6) No excessive self promotion or posting of links. If you're a newbie, only post links in our Web Site Links forum. If you post links in other forums they may be permanently edited or blocked. Also do not include web site links in your signature or location profile fields, we also consider this as spam. Only one post per site please.

    7) No excessive cross posting between forums and websites.

    8.) Do not use multiple screen names. Use only one account per household.

    9) No posting personal information of other members or individuals.

    10) Members that heckle, flame, troll or threaten members may be booted.

    11) Do not pretend to be someone you're not with fraudulent intentions.

    12) If you're a newbie, don't post website links. Only post links in the "Website Links" forum. We want members that add content, not promotional spam.

    13) Members are responsible for the information in their own posts.

    14) We do not give warnings. If you break our rules, spam the board, post newbie links, heckle the admin or flame the board you may be banished. We'll usually be nice the first time and let you re-sign up and try again.

    1) Profile - Go to your Profile and select your settings to customize your account. You can select your own Avatar (member graphic) and also a custom site layout just for you!

    2) Questions? Post in the Suggestion Box with any questions or suggestions you have.

    3) BB Newbie? Most of our members will be happy to answer basic questions about internet protocol and BB features. So don't be shy and ask!

    Welcome aboard!
    Cybermonsters (Most Beloved Admin)

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    Bump to top.

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