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    A few months ago i posted that I was still waiting for an official diagnosis of Lupus. Since that time I have had multiple flare ups in my foot and knee. I finally saw the rheumy and after she ran all kinds of lab tests, she feels that I am in the early stages of Lupus. I am taking Placquenil 200mg/day and I can say that I have been free of pain and swelling for about 6 weeks now! I would like to start back working out but I am afraid strenuous activity may cause a flare up. Sometimes I feel trapped because I still dont know what actually 'triggers' my flare ups. Any suggestions??

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    hi dared, i am glad you have a quick prognosis.
    getting the correct medicine early, will be highly benificial.

    the placquenil takes time to react within your body.
    now that it has taken this time, you will find the pain slowelly disappears.
    it will however come back if you overdo things.

    this level of activity differs for everyone.
    it also differs depending on your physical and mental condition.

    no one can give you a definate trigger, but we can suggest what triggers us.

    for most of us sunlight is a trigger.
    for a few less, but many of us, flourescent lighting is a trigger.
    for most of us heavy exhurstion is a trigger.
    stress is a trigger for everyone, .... but the degree of stress differs.

    i know i am not giving a definitive answer, but you will be different to everyone else.
    we are all different..... that is what makes lupus so hard to treat.

    i suggest start back on "light duties", if possible.
    or only 1 or 2 days per week.

    the balancing act between work and health is never easy.
    many of us have difficulties with it.

    i have had to give up work, due to my health.

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    I agree; just as each of our Lupus symptoms affect us differently, so are the things that might trigger a flare up different for each of us. I do think that it is important that you do resume some form of exercise and it is generally suggested that we participate in some form of non-strenuous/non-jarring exercise, for example: walking, swimming, yoga, Pilates. Start out slowly and take care to pay attention to your body. Do not continue if you are feeling any pain or if your fatigue becomes debilitating. Exercise is important as it helps our bodies to overcome some of the adverse affects of this disease. But, it is fine line we walk when trying to find the right combination of exercise and rest and care for ourselves. Don't give up and keep making adjustments until you find your right combination. I wish you the best of luck

    Peace and Blessings
    Look For The Good and Praise It!

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    Hi Dared,

    Glad you are feeling better. I'm toying with the same problem. I used to be very physically fit and active, and now that I'm feeling better I'm chomping at the bit to get moving again. For me running was not just exercise but also a social outlet.

    In my head I know that too much exercise overwhelms my system. However, I really want to give it another try. I plan to start slow and keep my fingers crossed.

    Good luck Dared. I hope you find the right balance.

    Merry Christmas!!

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    Hi Dared,
    I went to a physical therapist, and we figured out together just how much I can exercise. I found one that has a giant hot tub with a treadmill built into it. I LOVED working out in there. Perhaps a physical therapist or a skilled personal trainer could help you.

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    Well, from my own experiences, i HAVE to EXERCISE and my Drs LOVE that i do. I just have MORE limits than before. I was a personal trainer before getting sick, so, it was hard to slow it down. BUT, my body MADE me slow it down. YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. That is SO IMPORTANT! I dont sometimes and i push myself over my limit and i pay the rest of the day. Movement is IMPORTANT through ANY ILLNESS, there's just special ways to go about it depending on what your body can handle. My mind is MUCH BETTER for exercising as well! MUCH MUCH BETTER!

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