michele, I, too consider myself lucky. Really puts things in perspective...
We must both be on the 'emotional' see-saw that is lupus. I (I think) am just coming to terms w/the decreased amount of productive time I have during the day. Some days I can go all day, other days, like you said, the laundry is more than enough to wipe you out. It IS very frustrating. When you mentioned wanting to paint, I couldn't help but write back and say "I know what you mean". When we bought our house 12 years ago, I painted the ENTIRE house myself (I took on the challenge with no problem...I love to paint, my husband despises it!) - 2 coats in each room (except my dad did 1 room for me). On the flip side, I just finished re-doing my family room and it's small. I did the first coat, my husband did the second. That was quite enough painting for me for a while! I'm guessing it's not all lupus, maybe just a little age creeping in too! I'll be 44 next month, I guess it's bound to happen sooner or later!

Maybe you can have a painting party. "Many hands make light work" and it could be a fun time with the right people!

Good luck!