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Thread: Eye cancer

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    Hello everyone. I'd like to thank Marla, Gizmo, Lucky 7, Debbie-b, Rob, Steve.bryce, Bonus Mom, and Manderson for your thoughts, prayers and comments. This is a very scary time for me but I do have faith in GOD. I have an appointment for January 4, 2012. The doctor will do more exams and explain the surgical procedure. The doctor I saw on 12/8/11 said my right eye is out of alignment due to this mess. I have been experiencing light-headedness and double vision in my right eye. The doctor asked me if I see spots (floaters) and bright flashes of light. I see lots of floaters. Not anything new. Bright flashes of light, not so much.
    I am experiencing sensations in my eye that feel like there is something in it (behind the eye). I also experience extreme dryness at night, in the right eye. The eye closes by itself when the extreme dryness comes. No drops help it. These are some things I will discuss with the doctor on my next visit. I don't know. I am overwhelmed but I have faith in GOD that HE will give the doctors the wisdom to handle this situation.
    On Thursday, I go for a colonoscopy and an endoscopy. My mom had colon cancer and has breast cancer. My nephew had brain cancer.
    I hate that plaquenil but I will start taking it again. It makes me sick, though.
    If I didn't have faith in GOD, I would have gone crazy by now. I had a serious breakdown on Friday but I needed it because I was trying to be "brave" and act as if I wasn't scared. I feel better now, but still majorly concerned.
    Again, thank you everybody for your good thoughts towards me, your prayers and your suggestions. I will keep you posted. I hope every one of you are doing great!!!
    "If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change" (Wayne Dyer)

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