Me and Kc were just looking through her "box of memories" and were talking about what her and I, and all my other sister used to do together, and about how much fun we would have. And she was talking about her old friends from when she was in high school, and her trip to Hilton head with her best friend, that she was invited to every year. I feel so bad because it seems that her lupus stole all of that away from her, and robbed this family of everything it used to have. When she was at my mom's house she told my mom that she just wished that she could back in time, and my mom asked "how far back in time Kc?. Kc said that just a year ago... Which is when right before she was diagnosed with her lupus. I wish we could, I wish that we could have never gotten this. It just see,s completely unfair for this to happen to our family. Nothing good will come from this. Not one family should deserve this.

If anything, it would have been better off for me to get lupus, not Kc. I can't stand seeing Kc in pain every day emotionally and physically. I want to take it from her and everyone else. I hate what happened. And I don't think that anyone in my family has accepted the sudden Lupus.