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Thread: Hope this is helpful to others recently diagnosed...

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    Default Hope this is helpful to others recently diagnosed...

    Hi all -

    So back in July I posted as a newbie when I was diagnosed. I have gone through and learned a lot since then and I feel maybe sharing would help. I am 25 and live in San Antonio, Texas and have found some of the best doctors in the San Antonio and Houston areas - just FYI.

    1. The rheum started me on 400 MG daily Plaquenil towards the end of August, so I have been on it for 3 months now. I can tell a bit of a difference, my discoid rash flares have lessened and I have less flares and bad days. He also put me on Mobic 15 MG (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory)

    2. The dermatologist would inject steroids into my actual discoid spots on my face (it hurts) but it works SO wonderfully. He also started giving me steroid shots once a month for 2 months and then had me on a prednisone taper for a month. I have been off of the prednisone for over a week now and I am feeling okay. Before I took the prednisone - when the steroid shot would wear off at the 3 week mark I would feel really crappy and want to stay in bed all day.

    3. I stopped eating meat all together about a month ago and I feel a positive difference in my body. I did not gain much weight from the steroids and my lack of exercise (before my bad flares starting right before I was diagnosed I would exercise at least 3 days a week, now I don't exercise more than 2 days per week).

    4. I also take the following medications and supplements, I have written what I take them for after each:
    T3 Thyroid Hormone Slow Release Compounded, 3 - 12 MCG daily (low T3 levels, new problem since July)
    Pristiq, 100 - 150 MG daily (I was not depressed before I started having Lupus flares but Lupus is depressing!!)
    Biotin (a natural vitamin/mineral that helps with hair and skin growth - my hair was falling out!)
    DHEA (a natural vitamin/mineral/supplement that helps with anti-aging and other benefits)
    Vitamin D3 (because I have lessened my sun exposure)
    Sub-lingual Vitamin B12 drops (because my B12 levels are low in my blood tests)
    Adderall XR, 10 MG twice daily (because I have had ADHD my entire life)

    5. Just as a side note - I did end up quitting my job completely and decided not to pursue the next job I was going to do so that I can focus on getting healthy. I know this is not always a choice for everyone but I have moved back in with my parents for now and am planning two weddings and bought a food truck like on the food truck race TV shows. All of these take energy but I have found that by removing stressful situations, jobs and people from my life it has become increasingly easier to deal with my lupus and feel optimistic about the future. God doesn't give us more than he thinks we can handle :)

    Please feel free to direct message me if you have any questions!! I hope this helps.



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