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Thread: I need to VENT!

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    Cool I need to VENT!

    I am just so tired of being poked at!! I just got out of hospital after 30hrs in with severe chest pain-no heart muscle damage. I have had chest pain before but this was unbearable. Picked up by ambulance veins had gone south for this exercise so I got morphine sprayed up the nose. During hospital night my blood pressure was 81 over45. A little low.!.. I am now off for an urgent Eco heart stress test and cardio visit and most of them can't see me until Jan... But one is looking at his diary. In the mean time I had a EMG yesterday and the results to go to the Neuro on next tue visit along with the results of the skin biopsy. Then in between this I have my first visit with my rhumy the next week to start meds for the Lupus which has now been confirmed within my Mixed Connective Tissue disorder. Ahhhhhhhh when will I get a life to enjoy that isn't filled with drs and hospitals? As it is getting warmer and all the dr surgeries I am sitting in, my photo sensitivity is really getting me down.

    We were going away for a four day break hiring a motor home and now I have been told not to go out of mobile service and not to go too far from hospitals! In western Australia distance is the worry when traveling

    Thank you all for reading my dribble but I do feel better after writing this. I know tomorrow when I have had some good sleep after being in hospital I will feel much stronger emotionally but at the moment I am feeling a little sorry for myself!
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