So I traveled the 3 hours to my Rheumatologist in Baltimore. She checked me over and since currently I am not flaring like I was a few weeks ago she decided I should still taper the Prednisone from my current 2mg and try to come off of it. She also added Lyrica for pain management and started me off at a baby dose due to my weight of 50mg. She also decided I should go back to using a Prednisone rinse for ulcers instead of oral Pred to see if it helps to keep me from needing to take it all the time. If this does not work she will add a little Imuran to my treatment. Speaking of my weight, she is not sure why it is so low even with adding salt and processed foods to my diet, as well as Boost with extra calories. I have been doing this for about 2 months now with no results. She is curious to see what my thyroid is doing as well as my cortisol from taking the Pred since last February. I got a whole mess of blood work done and urine. They took 13 small viles of blood! I know she tested my antibodies again as well and my iron, etc. She put me on an annual blood draw every 2 months to see if we can catch how my body is fluctuating in and out of flares. If I can't seem to stop flaring without the Pred or have to keep going back to it, she will want to start either Azathioprine or Cellcept. We will see how everything comes into play. Let the games begin!.....(sarcasm) lol -Lupie Britt aka LadyBug