So there's a friend of my moms that is really smart (23 yrs old... in a year or so he'll be a full blown doctor) and him and some other doctors have been saying that Kc has been taking too many pills. (which everyone knew that). but they also said that if she keeps taking all of these medications and narcotics (for her chest pain and episodes) her heart is going to shut down. Which is a really scary thought. They said that at this rate she's taking narcotics (everyday she needs a morphine... and Oxycontin every 12 hours) she wont be able to live to see her 20th birthday... I don't want that! Her birthday is only in February, a few months away... could this really happen so soon? It can't. I think. I hope. I don't know. This is too much for me to take in at one time.

She has been at my moms house for the last 2 weeks or so and she has been having chest pain every night almost. I hate my little sister(only 10 yrs old) being there having to watch Kc in pain like that. My mom has been so stressed too seeing her in so much pain. Same with my Uncle Rick. With all of them stressed like that there, its making me more stressed here. and the fact i can't do anything to help Kc almost 6 hours away. I feel useless.