I was diagnosed last October and have had a difficult time with many aspects of my life. I have been sympatamatic for about two years. Just this three weeks I had to put one of my dogs to sleep, have had a horrible cold and lost my job. The stress and virus of course caused a flare and I am home without 45K income any longer. Even though my Lupus is not in the organs, the joint inflamation and fatigue are unforgiving. I also have had digestive problems, skin rashes, reynauds and anxiety which I have been taking meds for. I am just now starting other meds, I was trying to combat this on my own. I guess I just dont want to believe that this is the new challange in my life. I am thankful that I have the most loving husband who doesnt care if we are poor as long as I am well. The people at my job did not care if I was sick, they were always so stressful and the bosses were not very nice men. I already feel better being away from them but now have to get another job in the near future. It has helped me to be able to read about others, I am not alone in this fight. Now I can talk to you all and that is great.
Looking forward to chatting - Ms. Noah