So I just failed a math test... academic math... that's pathetic. I didn't see it coming. I feel like I'm to worried all the time about kc and all the other drama in my family right now over school. I don't want whats going on right affect my grade and my future when I'm trying to find a college, but at the same time I want o do everything i can to help Kc right now so she isn't this sick for the rest of her life. Along with Kc and my other sisters and school, me and my friends have all seemed to grow apart from each other. They don't seem to want to talk anymore or anything, and I tried my best to talk to them regularly. But I'm not sure why they don't like me anymore. I don't like to talk about my life to them because I'm pretty sure they thought it was just annoying so I had normal conversations with them normally. But now when i try to talk to them it is just plain awkward. Did i change that much? How should i fit in school, family and my friends all at the same time?