Im a 56 year old male.I started loosing alot of weight real fast.I lost 60 lbs. in 3 months and a total of 85 lbs in 1 year. Ive been tired, weak with dizzy spells all the time. Im also loosin my mucsel mass.I have no insurance but managed to get blood work done where it came back with a positive ANA with only a 14:0. I have arthritis but the Reumatoid Factor blood test came back Negative.Something new that seemed to start a several monthes ago is my joints are clicking alot when I move.For about the last 15 years Ive been getting severe muscelcramps.Sometimes it felt like every muscel in my body was cramping up at the same time.Usually after work or after I sat down for a few minutes.It happened more when my wife and I battled Hepatitis C.We both went on Interferon where sadly she lost the battle.I did very well.I dont smoke or drink and havnt used illeagle drugs for over 10 years.My liver and and other organs are all good according to the blood work.
Everything seemed to happen about 18 months after my wife of 30 years died. and for the first time I started a new stressfull relationship.I was also drinking raw unfiltered organic (ACV) Apple Cider Vinigar.(with the mother).It was suppose to be a pro biotic.I had a sinus infection and read that (ACV) cured almost everything.I also should say I was and still am battleing anxiety and depression.Ive also been laid off from work wich I was a Laborer for the Brick Layers.It is hard brutal work.Several times with in the last 15 years my blood work came back with I think a low white cell count.Wich I never followed up with except to take vitamins.Slight Anemia runs in my family.
With no insurance benefits and Im collecting unemployment I was turned down for Charity Care at the hospital.Does anybody know what my next step would be to check what type of autoimmune disease I may or may not have.Is there a simple blood test I could take or could I just Ignore my test results being only a 14:0. I really dont think I have Lupus.
My Symptoms are:

Decreased Energy
Shortness of Breath
Light Head and Dizzyness
Passed out twice
Ringing in ears