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Thread: head up - prednisone ready

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    Default head up - prednisone ready

    I was diagnosed in February and at the time thought my life was over. I was just about to turn 21 and fly out to california to visit my older brother. Lupus hit, i spent my birthday on the couch snuggled up with ice packs and heating pads, and had to cancel my trip because my blood was too thick to fly.I was in my house for what seemed like 8 years until i felt ok enough to even get out of my sweatpants. My mother resorted back to the mother she was when i was 16 - constantly giving me an issue for being out past 9 p.m and leaving the house for more than four hours at a time. After a few screaming/crying matches i got my life back with some exceptions. The wild child i once was had to take a permanent leave, and i guess its not as bad as i thought it would be because I've learned i can't psychically do it anymore without being completely miserable and swollen. My (something something) count ( still don't understand) was around 400 when i was first diagnosed and is now down to 28 as of my last blood results. although this number is still higher than it should be it is MUCH better and only gives me hope that i can knock this thing into remission in no time. 9 months down the road with this disease and tonight is actually the first time i've really read into lupus. I've always known the basic gist of it but have been too scared to see the words. The whole possible organ failure deal is what made me the most nervous. Made me cry a tiny bit but i can't really tell if it was a real cry, or an I'm on steroids cry. this forum has actually made me feel a lot better about my situation, to see that there are a ton of people out there going through the exact same thing.

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    Welcome to WHL, we are here for you. We do understand. We have people of all ages, males and females. We are here for those who need us. We are here.

    Read the threads and stickies there is tons of information - as for tests and the results even after 2 years of them I don't understand them. I just Gage things by how I feel. I'm an oldie, getting ready to retire. I have lost some organs, but I can live with it. You are young so keep the faith - youth has the advantage of resiliency. I wish age did. My mind is young but my body says old.

    Chin up and forward march.......
    Life goes on, we survive but things are easier at your age. There are respites. Take your meds and enjoy them.

    Hugs and Good thoughts

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    hi and welcome,
    as nonna said, please read a few of the other threads.
    they are our experiences with lupus.

    again welcome.

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    Hey, Sdelia3! I wish I would have known just a bit sooner as to what I would soon be confronted with. I might have been able to keep some body parts. Of course, I may have just ignored it anyway, like I did when I was younger and ignorant of what I had, but I like to think that I would have taken a bit more better care of myself sooner (is that grammatical?). I still have a tough time telling myself to "SLow down, take it easy..." But it's definitely better to be educated and aware of what you're dealing with. Know thine enemy.
    "There but for the grace of God, go I."
    "... His mercy endureth for ever."

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