My sister KC, just recently mentioned to me that she wanted to start dating again. But she told me, "but who would want to date me, i have lupus." and i felt so bad for her because i didn't know what to say to her to help boost her confidence or help her feel better. But then later that night i was think to myself, what if she's right? I hope she isn't... but what if. I could see how it could be difficult to find the right person who would stick with you through the lupus. But unfortunately people now are extremely judgmental and wouldn't be able to handle the stress that comes with lupus. So they wouldn't want to be with them, to prevent pain for themselves in the future. I hope that my sister tries hard to find that someone.... I'm praying that she does and that everyone else that is going through a breakup or can't find someone right for them can get through this and everything work out for them.