Ok went to the rheumatologist today. Basically she said as right now she can not say for sure whats going on . She said to go to dermalogist for the face rash just to make sure it is nothing they can treat . She put me on meloxicam 7.5 for now for the joints . She took 14 tubes of blood . And gave me a handout on sle lupus to read "just in case ". I go back in a month . Is this the normal process with this ? i was hoping to go in and them say i never have to come back that i was fine Since i only had a postive ana , joint pain , the rash and now sores in my mouth . she said for the droppy eye lid and not being able to open it in the am that i may need to go back to get a referral for nerologist (SP) , so is the normal for them to go threw all of this first ......TIA