So Kc was in the hospital last week for a few days.... they didn't figure anything out really or help as usual. Then when she got home, the next day we had to go to the ER, then they ran tests on her and found nothing was wrong. And then on Thursday we had to run her to the ER again for the same reasons ( trouble breathing, chest hurting, nauseous, not able to stomach the pills.) but then she cam back and then on Saturday she was having the same problems only seemed a lot worse so we took her to the ER, they ran some test on her and couldn't find anything wrong. So Kc came back home that same night. And tonight... surprise!... she is back in the ER only its really bad now and she hasn't had an appetite for anything and hasn't wanted to talk. So her not wanting to eat or drink anything besides with her meds (a little), she is dehydrated which makes everything else worse she was already having. They are probably going to keep her tonight and the next day, and maybe the day after that. This has been a frustrating week. I feel like KC is in an extremely bad depression and at war with herself. I'm really worried about her. She has never opened up to anybody about what she is going through at all for a whole year since she was diagnosed. I am scared that all of these bottled up emotions are causing infinite stress and are weighing her down day after day. And there is also stress from having to take 40+ pills a day, Connie (step mom) and dad, restricted diet from potassium and sodium, not having a licence (so being trapped in the house all the time), stress from our step sister (long story... different topic) and so on. And at this point she hasn't accepted that she is sick yet. Neither have I, or anyone else I'm sure too. This seems to be declining and getting worse instead of better. Lupus is an awful disease! I want to take it from her so she could be healthy again. I miss when I barely knew what stress was, when i didn't have to worry about tomorrow. And most importantly, when KC wasn't sick... I wish that no one had lupus. I wish everyone was just miraculously was healed. I wanna pray every family going through what mine is going through, and for those who don't have a family to help them through difficult times.