Today i had a day off of school so it was going to be just me and my sister and we had plans to watch a movie and play video games and stuff. So we were both excited for today to come. So she woke up and said she was still tired (from being in the hospital the last few days) and to wake her up at around 12:30, so i told her i would. And when 12;30 came she wanted another half hour, so i figured she needed to catch up on some sleep after little to non e for three days or so. So i went to wake her up at 1:00 and she wouldn't wake up. I started to worry and called my dad and he said to let her go and she should wake up. But then she started to have one of her episode and a spike in her chest pain so i stayed with her and tried to talk to her and help her through it. And when she started to calm down a lot i left her alone again hoping she would fall asleep, wake up and be better. But about 10 minutes later i heard a really loud thud and i freaked out because i knew it was my sister. I guess she was walking and blacked out after 2 steps from her bed. and then fell flat on her face. So i tried to see if she would get back in her bed and i called my dad again to tell him what had happened. then another 5 minutes later or so, she started to have REALLY bad pain and was literally screaming in pain and was still unconscious. At the same time she was twitching a lot to the point where i wasn't sure if she was having a seizure again or not. So i called my dad again told him what was going on. He said that i shouldn't worry and that it is part of her episodes she has. But of course i was still freaking out and worrying. Trying to help i rolled her over on her side and got her her pillows and a blanket so she could be more comfortable. And i laid beside her for the next 2-3 hours holding her hand praying that she will be better. I didn't know what else to do help. It was really difficult to be alone in the house while Kc was having an episode. I don't know what to do anymore. I'm so confused. I wish icould just take her lupus from her.