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Thread: Will Surgery cause a flare?

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    Default Will Surgery cause a flare?

    I am schedueled for arthroscopic hip surgery in May and am concerned that I will flare. I started Plaquenil in Dec. and in Jan. began feeling really great. (Though I started a mild/moderate flare in the beginning of April and am still in it.) Has anyone gone through surgery did you do afterwards? Also, I am trying to figure out if hormones are effecting my flares(like in the PMS post) or if a stressful situation threw me into this one. A couple of weeks ago, I had my 4 kids in the car, and ran inside to get my sunglasses. I didn't get the car in "park" all the way. I was inside and heard blood curdling screaming from outside...the car started rolling backwards down the driveway. I ran after it and fell twice(I truly believe the Lord was protecting me, especially after I heard all kinds of horror stories about people getting dragged and maimed trying to stop their car.)I got scraped up pretty badly on my knees and hurt my shoulder. The kids, thankfully were ok(even though two jumped out of the car!!!!!)The car eventually crashed into a tree and stone wall. It was pretty upsetting for all of us. So, I'm trying to figure if something like that could send me into a flare(or was it the hormone of the month club ??)...will surgery too? Anyone's experience/story would be appreciated. Junebug

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    Default Surgery

    I had a similar situation. I had hip surgery for bursitis in Jan. Three weeks later, I develeoped a bad staph infection. They know think that because i had just finished a 6 month course of chemo and then had started taking Cellcept, that my immune system just couldn't handle it. I'm been going through wound care with a wound vac on now for over 2 mos. Yes i had a severe flare in the hospital with a facial race, joint pain etc.

    Hope yours doesn't turn out like mine! I'm taking lots of vitamins now!

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    Hi Junebug;
    I have had 3 minor surgeries and 3 major surgeries since I've had Lupus and, so far, none of them have caused a flare. My flares have been brought on by stress more than anything else.
    I have not heard much about surgery itself causing a flare. Stress due to the surgery has precipitated a flare, some medications have done the same.
    Perhaps you should discuss this thoroughly with your doctor prior to your surgery (both your surgeon and your rheumatologist) to make sure that you take every precaution to avoid a flare.

    Best of Luck

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