I've been newly diagnosed with lupus. But under a rhuematologist's care since last spring (taking a low does of Plaquenil for a year). But got an official diagnosis last week. And while I know that compared to many, I'm doing relatively well. The most troubling thing right now, since I've been dealing with the joint and muscle pain for most of the last three years, is my confusion, concentration problems, comprehension, memory, etc.

I feel like I cannot function like the responsible 30 year old woman I am. I made a huge (and I mean REALLY huge) mistake with my checking account and now I'm overdrawn by an amount that seems insurmountable because I have no money. Why? I lost my job last week! Largely because of these problems thinking. I don't even know how it happened (the checking account problem). I haven't even started my taxes yet because it feels so totally overwhelming. It's like I have these basic tasks that I can do to get through a day but beyond that I just really struggle to function as I used to. I've always been super responsible and I feel like such a loser right now! Most people in my life would probably be shocked if they knew how bad this was getting because of the type of person I am!

Anyway...I live in NC. My entire family is in CA. I'm so tempted to go home although I hate living in Southern Cal. I don't know what to do but I feel like I need help doing the basic things like...managing my finances/paying bills, remembering things, making major decisions, etc., etc. Have any of you experienced this? And if so, what did you do to work through this?

As a side note, I had an MRI last year so that my Rheumy could check for lesions on my brain. I didn't have any. However, my problems have increased in a HUGE way since then and I now have lesions elsewhere. Are mouth lesions in any way connected? I mean now that I have the lesions is it possible that I also have them on my brain?

I'm just really confused and don't know what to do next. I'm very overwhelmed. Any suggestions y'all have would be appreciated.