I live in Northern Mississippi. None of the rhuematologists in Tupelo would even agree to see me when my PCP tried to refer me. She got me in with a new rhuemy in Oxford, MS named Dr. Eddleman. He is in the Cancer Center and he has helped me tremendously. My daughter has recently been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, most likely Lupus, and started Plaquenil last week. I also took her to Dr. Eddleman but feel he could have done some more tests to rule out other things. We are waiting on an appointment with a pediatric rhuematologist in Jackson, MS (only one in the state) by the name of Dr. Linda Ray. Does anyone know anything about Dr. Ray? I don't know how long it will take to get an appointment since she is the only one in Mississippi but hope it won't take too long. My 15 yo daughter is in daily pain that ibuprofen won't touch.