I'm 30 years old, overweight but quite active. About 2 years ago I went in to my GP for aching in my wrists and fingers, I figured i had some carpal tunnels and needed some wrist braces but he surprised me and said he wanted to do and ANA. The ANA came back positive and he went on to do a Reichlin screening, I was under the impression it came back fine. I was told by my GP that if I had any further symptoms that he couldnt do anything for me and I needed to see a specialist. That was that and I hadn't gone to the Dr since (although I started having pain and swelling in my ankles and hip and general fatigue). I went to my OBGYN over the summer for my annual exam and some pre conception counseling. She had access to my medical records from my GP and insisted I get a definitive dx from a rhemetologist before trying to have another baby. I had my appointment last week. He went over my medical history, felt around on all my joints and said I highly doubt you have Lupus, I think your problems come from being overweight and possibly thyroid problems but we will do some blood work. He also said the Reichlin test done 2 years ago wasnt sent to the proper lab so the results which ended up being very slightly high we unreliable so he did the test again. He wanted to see me back in 6 weeks. Later that day his nurse called and said that my ANA was positive again and that my sedimentation rate was high and he wanted to start me on 200mg of Plaquenil a day. Whats the deal???? Why else would he start me on this medication?? My TSH and free T3 and T4 came back within normal range so no thyroid issues. I am just frustrated that he pretty much blamed my symptoms on my weight immediately.