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Thread: Do I have Lupus?

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    Default Do I have Lupus?

    hey everyone,

    I know I wouldn't get a diagnose here, but just thought I tried to find
    out more about the possibilities to have lupus from people that actually
    have to deal it on daily basis.

    I have been browsing the forums for a while and decided to sign up.
    Something makes me believe that I might have lupus, since a lot
    of the symptoms are quite similar. However I don't have some of the
    basic symptoms in lupus.

    I'm trying to make this as short as possible. First of all I have been diagnosed
    with depression and anxiety, sinusitis and spondilosis. (which all have pretty
    much similar symptoms but I am just fed up to be told I have these illneses
    when I always believe I have sothing else such as lupus or artritis.

    I do have back pain daily and sometimes it gets worse (I get a stabbing
    knife sensation right in the middle of my back and it is persistent)

    I have shortness of breath and chest tightness, that I have to take a deep
    breath every now and then to catch up with air.

    Every single joint in my body (including the spine) is cracking, however there is
    some kind of tension in the joints but there isn't a SEVERE pain. (the severe pain
    is only in my back and to the back of my head)

    I have extreme fatigue and sometimes when I get more anxious I feel like fainting.
    (especially in public).

    I have days with terrible dizziness, it seems that I am going to the sides, or front
    and back. (again I've been told this might be due to spondilosis or sinusitis)

    I get muscle pain and twiching especially in the legs from time to time.

    I have mild memory loss (when the symptoms get worse) I have ben feeling better
    during the summer and it all came back this autumn.

    Sometimes I feel like staying in bed when the symptoms get worse...
    I also have this tightness in my stomach and neck, like someone is stranggling me..

    I also have headaches (mainly tension headaches around all the head) and facial pain.

    The thing that I didn't have is the skin rash issues..... never had anything like that...
    only had some kind of small bubblely rashes on my hand filled with water during the

    Please ask me any other questions regarding lupus (I might have missed to detail
    all the symptoms that I have)

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    welcome ,

    we have another thread that discusses the criteria for a lupus diagnosis.
    you do not need to meet every criteria. just 4 of the 11.
    so it is possible and not uncommon for a person to have lupus without the usual butterfly rash.

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