Last night I was vomitting and so listless that my partner thought it would be a good idea to try out his peppermint oil tablets.
So I took one, I was willing to try anything.

In about 10-20 minutes I started 'smelling' peppermint in my system... like a metallic kind of peppermint in my blood. Its hard to describe, but it was like peppermint was everywhere inside me. And just as I announced how weird it was I suddenly got a headache, got itchy all over my body, my sinuses instantly swelled up as did my eyes which were immensely itchy. My throat closed up and was itchy and I could barely breathe. I started sneezing furiously until my sinuses were bleeding. I lost my voice and my breathing was just a tiny wheeze. I jumped in the shower and stayed in there constantly blowing my nose and washing my face and my sinuses. I was prepared to tell my partner to call an ambulance, he had followed me into the bathroom when I suddenly started to look terrible. He was very concerned. But thankfully it didnt get any worse and had mostly passed after about half an hour.

So although it is rare, just be aware that peppermint oil can cause allergic reactions sometimes. Im lucky it didnt get worse. I think I will stay away from peppermint from now on lol