I don't bother updating much anymore, I do browse the forums occasionally and even comment when I can or feel I must.

I guess before everything falls apart or before I can never possibly return to the forums I should give an update. : )

For a while I became complacent because I felt my tremors had gone and cognitively I didn't feel so bad. But, they are coming back.
On a, I guess, positive note... I have discovered they happen the same time my stomach issues happen.

Those stomach issues... well. In the last week I have consumed less calories than I would normally consume in one day. Today amounts to a grand total of 199cal and as it is I can feel I have eaten too much, I will be vomiting shortly but I am trying to fight it. At first I was gaining weight even though I was on only 1000cal a day. Then since that last severe episode eating has become impossible. Now I am losing, I mean who could gain or even maintain on a couple of hundred calories a day. I cant even stand the thought of food.

I had an ultrasound last week and I find out the results tomorrow, not that I think I will get much of a resolution. We move in a week and a half. My partner is in a constant bad mood, I dont know why, Im the one that has done all the work to get us moved. He always seems to get like this when I am sick as well, he just doesnt get it. I cant stand his pacing around ordering me to do things and stressing me out. I mean... for gods sakes I can not eat yet I am still making HIM food... breakfast lunch and dinner. COME ON!

Anyway... at least I will get a new fridge when we move to accommodate my altered diet. Seeing as all I can eat is non-processed foods when I can eat that is.

Do know what else to say... as of next week I may not be on the forums for a while. Hope everyone is well.