Okay for the past few days I have had this weird feeling(s) in my stomach. I have GERD already as well as IBS just so you know. The sensations I've been getting can be constant for a while sometimes or die down some and then come back..almost like in waves I guess. It reminds me of an anxious feeling. I have been under some stress lately with sick relatives and friends and other life stress(finances etc)as well as a few bad dreams this week. However, today I was able to relax myself a bit and get some sleep while the kids were visiting relatives and a lot of the feeling went away(the knotting, squeezing, nausea,etc)which had my my GERD act up even more. But what's left over is burning which is constant and an occasional twinge of anxiety to go along with it. The burning feels like the burning I get in my legs and arms due to neuropathy from my Lupus. My meds list in my signature is up to date so I'm not sure if any of that would cause this. I just dropped to the 2mgs of Prednisone from the 3mgs a few days ago. All I know is this is really getting to me and makes me not want to eat and I'm ready for it to be gone. Has anyone else had issues like this? Is it all anxiety? I had bloodwork come back from August 24th 2011 that was all normal except for the following:
Neurtrophils- high at 76% Reference range 40-74

BUN/Creatinine Ratio- high at 25 Ref. range 8-20

(My BUN was at the top end of normal with a result of 20 and the ref. range being 6-20, my Creatinine was within normal at 0.79 with a ref. range of 0.57-1.00)

AST(SGOT)- high at 42 Ref. range 0-40

Urine Specific Gravity- > 1.030 Ref. range- 1.005-1.030

Appearance- Cloudy Ref. range- Clear

Didn't know if this may have anything to do with any of this but thought I'd mention it anyway. Thanks and hope you all are feeling okay.