So I had my regular rheumy visit last Friday and all seems to be going well. Have to get a few more tests updated but good news so far! And I have finished the pred which is the best news for me. Then because I am going so well I have become complacent...been eating crappy food, going out drinking a bit more and because I felt so well, been doing more exercise....down side of this is now I'm laying on the couch ready to crash, with ice packs on my knees from all the walking I did today. I love feeling great (obviously) but not a fan of the repercussions tonight!! I must say tho that this is the worst I've been in a while and its barely that bad so that's a plus. Not looking forward to the heat tomorrow...35 degrees and plans outside most of the day!
As I read back thru this before I post I realise it doesn't make much sense so I'm just putting that down to brain fog haha but just wanted to share my crazy ratings