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Thread: oops...complacency is not my friend

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    Default oops...complacency is not my friend

    So I had my regular rheumy visit last Friday and all seems to be going well. Have to get a few more tests updated but good news so far! And I have finished the pred which is the best news for me. Then because I am going so well I have become complacent...been eating crappy food, going out drinking a bit more and because I felt so well, been doing more exercise....down side of this is now I'm laying on the couch ready to crash, with ice packs on my knees from all the walking I did today. I love feeling great (obviously) but not a fan of the repercussions tonight!! I must say tho that this is the worst I've been in a while and its barely that bad so that's a plus. Not looking forward to the heat tomorrow...35 degrees and plans outside most of the day!
    As I read back thru this before I post I realise it doesn't make much sense so I'm just putting that down to brain fog haha but just wanted to share my crazy ratings
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    I know exactly what you're talking about! But does this mean we can't exercise? Because my flab tells me I need to
    Whenever I don't feel like doing it, I always remember that tomorrow I may not be able to do it. Then doing it becomes a blessing instead of a burden.

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    Quote Originally Posted by howsabout View Post
    I know exactly what you're talking about! But does this mean we can't exercise? Because my flab tells me I need to
    Its actually recommended that people with lupus get regular exercise. I always thought it sounded like a bunch of crap and refused to be good about it until I started walking much more than usual once college started and I've actually been feeling a lot better. You just have to find a nice medium. If you over do it you'll be hating yourself for it because then you'll just end up hurting. I have issues with my knees and that problem has been a lot better since I started being more active.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ritzbit View Post
    Its actually recommended that people with lupus get regular exercise....... You just have to find a nice medium..........
    i could not have put it any better.

    it is finding the balance.
    my rhuemy suggest never getting beyond a mild sweat.
    but daily exercise is highly reccommended.

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    It also means doing the right kind of exercise for you. If you have bad knees now you you shouldn't do anything hard on the knees. If you have heart issues you should talk to your cardio about what he recommends. The only exercise we should do is one that us beneficial and that really needs to be run by your doctor and get their ok before starting

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